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Dr. Lawrence Osman

Board Certified Dermatologist and Liposuction Surgeon

Castle Connolly Top Doctor 5 Years Award

As a board-certified dermatologist and liposuction surgeon in the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Osman takes great pride in helping patients with their dermatology and body contouring needs. Whether it is detecting and treating skin cancer, sculpting away unwanted fat, or rejuvenating the face or neck, Dr. Osman approaches every patient in a caring and thoughtful manner. In addition to liposuction and traditional dermatology services, Dr. Osman offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments including Botox, skin tightening, laser hair removal, and laser acne treatment. We encourage you to explore our services to learn more.

We are very grateful to our patients for voting us one of the best in the Los Angeles Daily News, and for allowing us to receive the Patients’ Choice Award 5 years in a row. Thank you!

Dr. Osman focuses on achieving natural, beautiful results without compromising on patient safety. He is trained in the newest, most advanced techniques and furthers his training through continued medical education. The American Medical Association awarded him for his dedication to knowledge with the Physician’s Recognition Award. Learn more about Dr. Osman.

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Comprehensive Dermatology

After graduating from the Keck/USC School of Medicine with his medical degree, Dr. Osman went on to complete his dermatology training. Dr. Osman received training in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology allowing him to offer a comprehensive array of dermatology services. Whether it is the treatment of acne, the removal of a mole, or the reduction of age spots or wrinkles, Dr. Osman and his staff can help.

Since inception, Dr. Osman’s office has helped thousands of patients with their skincare and aesthetic needs. Each year, they see many patients for a variety of dermatologic concerns including acne, scars, rashes, and cancerous growths. They treat hundreds of patients using Botox, dermal fillers, and lasers. In fact, they are ranked in the top 150 offices nationwide for the amount of Botox they use. Dr. Osman and his staff feel fortunate to have received the trust of so many patients and have utilized each visit to enhance their skills. They strive to make every visit a productive and pleasant experience.

Liposuction Using Only Local Anesthesia

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide, and Dr. Osman uses his training and experience to permanently remove unwanted areas of fat safely using only local anesthesia. This advanced liposuction technique avoids general anesthesia or sedation, making the procedure easier, safer, and more effective. By utilizing micro-instruments, the results are also smoother and more natural. Learn more about liposuction using local anesthesia.

Smart Lipo Laser Liposuction

Smart Lipo is also performed using only local anesthesia, but it is a liposuction technique that utilizes a small laser fiber to melt the fat and, at the same time, tighten the overlying skin. Zapping the fat with a laser makes it easier to extract it and reduces the amount of trauma and recovery even further. Learn more about Smart Lipo and laser liposuction.

Our Practice

Our goal is to help patients. It is the only goal we have, and our only reason for being in practice. In fact, our motto is to put patients first. We try our best and do everything we can to accommodate our patients and their needs. Whether it be working with your insurance to get a medication covered, controlling an itchy rash or psoriasis, or removing an area of stubborn fat, we work as a team to get great results as fast as possible.

Our Focus

The main focuses of our practice are dermatology and liposuction using only local anesthesia. People sometimes wonder how these two areas go together. They actually link together quite well since fat is the third layer of skin. The three layers of skin are the epidermis, dermis, and fat. Liposuction, of course, targets this third layer. As physicians having a deep and thorough understanding of skin, dermatologists have unique knowledge for working in the fat layer. Although not all dermatologists enjoy doing liposuction, there are a select group who embrace it wholeheartedly.

In addition, modern dermatology has evolved greatly over the last 15 years. It is now a field that has contributed tremendously to our understanding of aesthetics, especially in the areas of proportion and balance. Using dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, and muscle relaxers like Botox, we can make subtle tweaks in the symmetry, harmony, and balance of the face to achieve meaningful improvements in appearance. These same principles can be applied to body contouring as well.

Dermatologists have been on the forefront of minimally invasive rejuvenation contributing greatly in this area. When a technique is performed in a minimally invasive way, there is less downtime and recovery. Applying this minimally invasive approach to liposuction enabled the development of performing it using only local anesthesia making it as safe and easy as possible, but without sacrificing natural-appearing and pleasing results.

Two Locations

We feel our two offices in the suburbs of Los Angeles complement each other. Our Northridge office is located near Northridge Hospital and is in a traditional medical office building. Our Calabasas location is a storefront in a retail center and is also our med spa. We provide the same full set of services in each location, but some patients may prefer the “feel” of one location over the other. We welcome you in either location.

Your Skin

We know how important your skin is. After all, skin is what we do! We understand that when your skin doesn’t look or feel its best, you don’t feel your best. That’s why treating skin is so important to us, and that’s why we say that what we do is to “help people from the outside in”. We appreciate the opportunity to have helped many patients since we started practice in 2002, and would look forward to the opportunity to help you too.

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