Belotero Los Angeles

Belotero is a wrinkle filler. It is a gel made from hyaluronic acid just like Juvederm and Restylane. It differs from these products, though, because it can be placed very superficially in the skin without much risk of getting bumps.

Belotero before and after picture


Where Belotero is used

Belotero is often the best choice when we want to treat fine lines such as those that appear around the eyes and mouth, and on the cheeks. Many people refer to the lines around the mouth as smoker’s lines. Belotero is often very effective for treating smoker’s lines.


How Belotero is used

Treatment with Belotero is safe, fast, and effective. Before treatment, the area is usually numbed using a topical anesthetic cream. Immediately before treatment, it is wiped clean and the filler is injected.

Belotero recovery

After treatment, there may be small, pinpoint bruises, but there is rarely any significant bruising. One can return to usual activities immediately. Results are temporary and need to be repeated.

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