5 Helpful Post-Treatment Tips Every Botox Patient Should Know

Botox injection into glabellaBotox isn’t major cosmetic surgery. In fact, it’s so quick and painless that some people have their injections at lunch and return to the office to finish out their work day. But it is still a medical procedure, and as such, you will need to follow post-treatment instructions if you want to get the most out of Botox for wrinkles. Here are some tips that can help every Botox patient following treatment.

1. Follow directions.

Your doctor will provide you with a list of instructions pertaining to how to behave after your treatment. If you want the best results, it’s important that you follow the directions this professional delivers. Even if you’ve had Botox before, you’re not a professional. So give your doctor the credit he or she is due and follow directions. And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call in after the fact for further advice.

2. Hands off.

Because it may be a bit sore or bumpy immediately following treatment, you might be tempted to probe the area where Botox has been injected. Resist this urge! One of the worst things you can do is touch, rub, or apply pressure to Botox injection sites. Such activity can lead to unsightly swelling and inflammation. But it could also have the unintended consequence of causing the Botox to spread outside of the treatment zone.

3. Hats off.

Whether you wear hats frequently to hide your forehead wrinkles or you’re trying to shield your face from the sun, you need to avoid wearing your favorite chapeau in the hours following your treatment. As noted above, Botox for wrinkles can be impacted by pressure applied to the injection site. In order to avoid this mishap, leave your hat at home.

4. Skip the siesta.

Doctors recommend that patients remain vertical (sitting or standing) for up to four hours following Botox injections. This has to do with the possibility that the Botox could spread when you lie down immediately following treatment. It’s a very unlikely occurrence, but you can easily avoid it by simply remaining upright for a few hours.

5. Take a break.

Exercise, and especially intense activity, can lead to changes in blood flow and impact the efficacy of your treatment when you get Botox for wrinkles. For this reason, most doctors recommend that you avoid exercise for 24 hours following treatment. So take it easy and plan on skipping your daily trip to the gym.

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