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Best Treatment for Acne Scars

acne-scarsThe best treatment for acne scars really depends on what type of scars you have.  There are indented scars, raised scars, and rolling scars.  Plus, there can be red spots and brown marks that people often refer to as scars even though they are not true scars.

Indented acne scars come in two varieties.  There are ice-pick scars which are narrow, deep indentations, and there are boxcar scars which are flat-bottomed, depressed scars.  The best treatment for these types of scars is usually the fractional CO2 resurfacing laser.  This type of laser drills tiny holes in the skin which trigger the skin to remodel itself and smooth the scars.

Raised scars are firm, pink bumps.  They often occur near the angle of the jaw, the chest, and the shoulders.  These types of scars can be treated using a number of techniques including lasers, silicone gels and sheets, and by injecting them with steroids and other medicines.

Rolling scars are sloping indentations in the skin.  The edges of the scar are subtle and not sharply defined.  These types of scars can be treated using a technique called subcision and by filling them with products such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse.

Red spots on the skin are not truly scars by can be distressing to patients.  Fortunately, these spots, called post inflammatory erythema, can usually be easily treated using the Vbeam laser.

Similarly, people whose acne leaves dark marks on their skin often think of these marks as scars even though they technically are not.  Fortunately, we have a variety of creams and chemical peels available to treat those brown spots.

That is a basic summary of the best treatments for various types of acne scars.  Now you know that there is no single, best treatment.  The best treatment depends, in large part, on identifying the type of scar.  Most patients have more than one type of scar, so the best treatment is often a combination of various treatments targeted to the types of scars that are present.

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