Botox Benefits for Migraine Sufferers

Botox Migraine Sufferer

If you’re aware of the use of Botox in the medical field, it is probably in relation to the safe and affordable cosmetic procedures designed to reduce wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance. And in this regard, it has become one of the most widely accepted and sought-after cosmetic procedures. Recently, though, Botox has been found to have other medical benefits, namely in regards to its positive effects for those who suffer from chronic migraines. Although it remains to be seen whether this treatment will benefit those with episodic migraines, tension headaches, and similar conditions, research has shown that botulinum toxin (type A), a diluted version of the paralytic substance, may help stop symptoms in people who suffer from chronic migraines. So how can it benefit you?

In addition to erasing fine lines and wrinkles, Botox was accidentally discovered to have positive side effects for chronic migraine sufferers (those having 15 or more migraines each month). When patients began reporting several years ago that Botox treatments (for other purposes) coincided with relief of their migraine symptoms, research into the subject began with varied results. Botox seemed to have little effect on some types of headaches and migraines, or the results of trials were inconclusive. But those suffering from chronic migraines showed more consistent and positive results.

Today, more research is underway to better understand how and why this treatment helps to alleviate the pain and suffering that go hand-in-hand with chronic migraines, but there’s no denying that there’s a causal relationship between undergoing Botox procedures and enjoying relief from migraine symptoms. This is a godsend for those who suffer from chronic and debilitating migraines. Thus far, treatments have consisted largely of OTC medications that can have serious side effects with continued usage (most commonly upset stomach, ulcers, and even liver damage), or pricy prescription medications including narcotics that have nearly as big of an impact on a person’s ability to function as the migraines themselves.

And because so many migraine sufferers are seeking Botox procedures for their condition, there is now a booming industry prepared to supply such treatments. The procedure for patients with migraines consists of a series of injections at specific sites on the head and neck, so seeing a qualified practitioner is a must. But with ongoing treatments, many chronic migraine sufferers have seen a reduction in overall symptoms, as well as the onset of migraines in general. And all without the need for prescription drugs. So if chronic migraines have robbed you of your ability to lead a normal life, consider that there are new options available. Talk to your doctor to see if the benefits of Botox are right for you.

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