Botox for a gummy smile

Botox can treat a gummy smile.

A gummy smile is a smile where the upper gums show when smiling.   When most people smile, very little if any of the upper gums show.  However, people who have a gummy smile tend to show a lot of gum when they smile.

Cosmetically, some consider a gummy smile unattractive.  However, it is virtually impossible for those who have a gummy smile to avoid it.

Fortunately, Botox is very effective at reducing a gummy smile in most people.

A gummy smile occurs because the small facial muscles lift the upper lip too much with smiling.  Everyone’s lip raises a bit with smiling; however, those with a gummy smile raise their upper lip more than normal when smiling.

A few small drops of Botox directly into the muscles that lift the upper lip can blunt them just enough to reduce the upward pull of the upper lip.  That way, it does not raise too high.

Treatment is fairly quick, and results usually last for about 2 – 3 months.  It is important that this treatment be done by a knowledgeable practitioner since there is a small margin of error between perfect and over-doing it.  It overdone, the lip will not raise enough, and the smile can look crooked for awhile.

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