Don’t Sweat It! Here’s a tip for treating excess underarm sweating.

Excess underarm sweating can be debilitating.  Prescription antiperspirants and Botox for sweating can help, but here’s a tip for getting results with over-the-counter “prescription strength” antiperspirants.

These are products like Gillette Clinical Strength and Secret Clinical Strength.

Instead of using these antiperspirants in the morning like most people do, apply them to clean and dry skin both morning and night.  One study evaluated 60 women and found that antiperspirant applied twice per day was more effective than application in the morning or night only.*

Of course if over the counter antiperspirants don’t work despite applying them twice per day, there are prescription products and Botox available.  At our Los Angeles dermatology practice, we are able to prescribe strong antiperspirants and regularly administer Botox for hyperhidrosis.

* Swaile DF. Clinical comparison of antiperspirant efficacy as a function of morning and/or nighttime application.  Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2004 Mar;50(3);p77.

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