Changes that occur with aging

We all age, but what is it that actually makes us look older? Researchers recently set out to find an answer.  In their article published April 2014 in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology, they looked at what features contributed most to an older appearance.  The judged over 20 features including eyebrow position, wrinkles around the [...]

Cheek aging manifests itself in several ways.  As we get older, our cheeks deflate and sag, wrinkles develop, and brown spots and dilated blood vessels appear. Cheeks deflate and sag with age from the combination of a loss of underlying bone and fat, and from weakening of the skin.  It may come as a surprise that [...]

By understanding how the face ages, it is easier to choose the best treatments for rejuvenation.  There are three fundamental processes that occur in facial aging: 1. volumetric change 2. skin damage 3. dynamic wrinkling Volumetric Changes with Age Volumetric change refers to changes in the overall fullness of our face.  The underlying support provided [...]