You’ve probably heard about CoolSculpting recently, whether in an advertisement on TV or on a local billboard or in a promotional spot on the radio. Yet what exactly is CoolSculpting and is it right for you? This brief breakdown on one of the newest and hottest procedures around will introduce you to the benefits of CoolSculpting [...]

CoolSculpting – it’s been applauded, admired, praised and pronounced the fastest, easiest, and most effective means for combatting unwanted fat without going under the knife. Proven, lasting results that do what diet and exercise cannot without the pain of surgery? It sounds too good to be true, and yet endorsements for this non-invasive fat-eliminating treatment [...]

A recent breakthrough in fat reducing technology, CoolSculpting is an exciting procedure that allows patients to get rid of fat in targeted areas. When people are frustrated by the lack of sculpting or toning their hard work is reflecting, CoolSculpting can be a way to achieve those results without going under the knife. However, while [...]

A surprising number of adults are willing to undergo invasive medical procedures and take on significant potential risk in order to cosmetically alter their bodies to make them firmer, more youthful, and generally more in keeping with the “ideal” beauty aesthetic. But you don’t necessarily have to go under the knife in order to minimize fine [...]