Cheek aging manifests itself in several ways.  As we get older, our cheeks deflate and sag, wrinkles develop, and brown spots and dilated blood vessels appear. Cheeks deflate and sag with age from the combination of a loss of underlying bone and fat, and from weakening of the skin.  It may come as a surprise that [...]

One sign of aging is the appearance of a hollow groove between the lower eyelid and the cheek.  This is called the nasojugal fold.  We don’t fully understand why this fold becomes more prominent with age, but changes in the soft tissue and skull contribute to its appearance. In a youthful face, there is no [...]

As we age, we lose volume throughout our face.  This shows most prominently by the accentuation of nasolabial folds and melolabial folds.  We often fill these areas for an immediate improvement in appearance; however, it’s important not to overlook other areas of volume less.  The temples are an important area not to overlook. Youthful temples [...]

Most people initially focus their rejuvenation efforts on their face, but the chest should not be overlooked.  It, too, is an area that can show signs of aging. Fortunately, there are many techniques to make it look younger and better.Chest wrinkles can be improved with Sculptra.  Sculptra is a product that stimulates collagen production when [...]

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