With so many treatment options available for looking great, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options.  That’s why it’s so important to work with a skilled physician to determine which treatments are right for you.  However, some treatments are a better bet than others.  Here are five treatments that have very high patient satisfaction [...]

The best anti aging treatment for you is one that specifically addresses your particular signs of aging. In general, you can divide the signs of aging up into discolorations and dilated blood vessels on the skin, wrinkles that accentuate with movement such as those of the forehead and crows feet, wrinkles at rest such as [...]

The UK’s Telegraph reported on October 12th that physicians in England are developing a technique to mix stem cells with fat for transfer into the face. This modified technique of fat transfer re-fills the face. The stem cells increase the potential for survival of the transferred fat and rejuvenate the skin by increasing it’s blood [...]

Dark circles under the eyes are a common complaint, and their appearance is likely due to multiple factors that include genetic hyper pigmentation, excess pigmentation due to inflammation from allergies/eczema, swelling, thin skin allowing blood vessels and eye muscles to be visible through it, and anatomical changes leading to shadowing such as depression of the [...]

Evolence Los Angeles

Evolence is a new collagen based dermal filler. Collagen is the most abundant building block of our skin and is lost during the aging process. Evolence is strategically placed into the dermis, like other fillers, to enhance and maintain the natural structure and volume of our skin. Unlike other fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm [...]

Hand Rejuvenation

Without rejuvenation, the hands are a dead giveaway of someone’s age. Fortunately, several procedures can dramatically improve the appearance of aging hands. Hands appear aged for several reasons. The two most important are: 1) sun spots and areas of discoloration appear, and 2) the hands lose volume with time which causes veins and tendons to [...]

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