Jowls and jawline

This is a collection of posts related to rejuvenation of the jowls and jawline.

Radio-frequency to tighten skin remains a common and popular approach. Many devices exist that treat the skin with radio-frequency. This article will answer the question of whether or not radio-frequency skin tightening is really worth it. Skin tightening options When it comes to tightening skin, there are surgical and non-surgical options. Within the non-surgical space, [...]

Medical technology is an absolute brilliant thing. The advances we have made in the last ten years are lightyears ahead of where we were, and it’s only going to become more fascinating from here on out. Recently, cosmetic rejuvenation has been making leaps and bounds in the industry. With the desire to stay young echoing [...]

Jowls are one the first things people notice as they age. Fortunately, there are many treatments available that can help get rid of the them. Before discussing the treatment options available, let’s first review some of the factors that lead to jowl formation. As we age, two main things happen. Firstly, our skin becomes less [...]