This is a collection of posts related to liposuction including Smart Lipo laser liposuction.

The idea itself is brilliant: Doctors insert a sort of vacuum that literally sucks the fat from your body. However, while it is still an option for those wishing to get rid of stubborn fat in target areas, it is not a solution for dramatic weight loss. The removal of fat cells does not equal [...]

A surprising number of adults are willing to undergo invasive medical procedures and take on significant potential risk in order to cosmetically alter their bodies to make them firmer, more youthful, and generally more in keeping with the “ideal” beauty aesthetic. But you don’t necessarily have to go under the knife in order to minimize fine [...]

Both Coolsculpting and Smartlipo are modern ways to permanently remove unwanted fat.  This post outlines the differences between them both. The Technology Coolsculpting by Zeltiq uses a combination of suction and freezing to kill the fat.  It turns out that fat is more susceptible to freezing than surrounding tissues, so it you freeze an area [...]

Swelling after liposuction is normal. The amount you get depends on three main factors. First, how much fat was removed. Second, how aggressively the fat was removed, and last, what area was treated. Swelling after liposuction occurs because that is how the body responds to the trauma of liposuction. More fat requires more effort to [...]

Exercise after liposuction

One of the most common questions I hear from patients who are considering liposuction is regarding how soon after getting liposuction they can return to exercise. If they have the type of liposuction I perform, which is done totally under local anesthesia, they can return to physical activity very quickly.  In fact, I recommend that [...]

Two popular ways to remove unwanted fat are liposuction and Zeltiq.  There are differences between the two, and understanding them can help you choose which technique is right for you. Liposuction is a surgical technique where unwanted fat is suctioned out.  Therefore, it is invasive.  When done under local anesthesia, it is minimally invasive.  Zeltiq, [...]

Liposuction and Weight Loss

Liposuction is not a technique for losing weight, but most people will lose some weight if enough fat is removed. Liposuction is an excellent technique for contouring the shape of the body.  It is not a treatment specifically to lose weight.  However, fat does weigh a certain amount, so you will theoretically lose a certain [...]

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