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Coolsculpting cost

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is the most proven non-invasive procedure for fat loss.  The cost of Coolsculpting depends on how much one charges for each applicator, how many applicators are needed to treat an area, and how many times the procedure is repeated.  Plus, there is one other very important factor that affects cost.

Coolsculpting works by a applying a specialized suction applicator to an area of fat.  This applicator holds the fat in place and freezes it.  This process leads to loss of a certain amount of the fat tissue treated.  Most practitioners charge for the procedure by the applicator.  There is a small and a large applicator, and they have different prices.

However, the number of applicators needed to treat the area of fat is equally as important.  The inner thighs usually only require one applicator each.  The abdomen is not as predictable.  Sometimes, the abdomen only needs one large applicator; whereas, other people may need 4 small applicators.  The large applicator treats 2.5 times as much fat as the small applicator.

Another factor to consider is that more than one treatment may be needed for optimal improvement.  Treatments are repeated every 60 days.  Not everyone needs a second or third treatment, but additional treatments obviously add to the overall cost of the procedure.

Lastly, I mentioned that there is one other factor that impacts the cost, and that is the skill of the practitioner.  It takes some skill to correctly apply the suction applicator for maximal improvement.  If not applied correctly, the amount of fat removed will be sub-optimal.  Also, a certain level of knowledge and skill is needed to determine the best overall treatment plan.

These are the main factors that determine the cost of Coolsculpting.  Knowing them will, hopefully, empower you to be a more educated consumer.

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