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Do wrinkles worsen if you try but then stop doing Botox?

Before ever trying Botox, many patients ask if their wrinkles will get worse if they try Botox but then decide not to continue doing treatments.  The answer to that question is absolutely not!

If you try Botox, or do it for a period of time, and then stop, Botox will not make your wrinkles worse than before you started.  In fact, many expert physicians would say that their patient’s wrinkles would likely be a little bit better forever even after one treatment!

Botox frown before
Botox frown after

To understand why this is, let me explain how Botox works.  Botox softens wrinkles by decreasing the intensity of certain muscles of facial expression that wrinkle the overlying skin when they contract.  For example, in the frown area between the eyebrow, three muscles converge to make an angry expression.  Botox lessens the ability of these muscles to contract; so that, it is more difficult to have an angry look.

Eventually, the effects of Botox wear off, though.  For most people, the effects last for 3 – 6 months.  And, most people will return for re-treatment about every 3 – 4 months.  After the effects wear off, the muscles return to their normal function, and the skin wrinkles the way it used to.  The muscles do not rebound, and the skin does not weaken; so, your wrinkles do not get worse.

In fact, your wrinkles can actually have a lasting improvement as I mentioned earlier.  The reason for this is that Botox can weaken the muscles and retrain your body so that it no longer wants to make those movements of facial expression that caused the wrinkles.  This usually happens after prolonged treatment, but I have had patients tell me they experienced it even after one treatment.

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