How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

One of the most common questions someone interested in body shaping has is how much does liposuction cost.

The obvious cost of liposuction is the combination of the surgeon’s fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, the facility fee, and the charges for extras such as garments.  A less obvious cost, but one that is equally important, is the cost of recovering from liposuction.

The Fees For Liposuction

The surgeon’s fee can vary depending on where his or her practice is located and the level of experience, but the surgeon’s fee is mainly proportional to the amount of anticipated time and effort needed to complete the liposuction.

There may not always be a separate anesthesiologist’s fee or facility fee.  Tumescent liposuction is performed under local anesthesia only, so there is no need for an anesthesiologist.  Similarly, there may not be an extra price for garments.  Some surgeons provide one all-inclusive price which covers all these fees without detailing them individually.

Cost Of Recovering From Liposuction

The cost of recovering from liposuction should not be overlooked and is an important component to how much liposuction costs.  What I mean by “the cost of recovering” is the amount of time you have to take off work or away from your usual activities to heal.  If you are taking time off work, you’re either losing pay or using sick days.

The amount of time needed to recover from liposuction depends on the amount of liposuction done and the technique used.  With traditional liposuction, many plastic surgeons recommend taking up to one week off work to recover.  With the technique that I use, which I perform using local anesthesia only, almost all of my patients return to work after 2 days.  Patients who have their procedure done on Friday afternoon, return to work on Monday morning.

Thus, the cost of liposuction really depends on the price quote you are given as well as the cost of taking time off to recover.  With this information in mind, I hope you can better answer the question, “How much does liposuction cost?”, to determine the true value to you.

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