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How much is Botox

How much is BotoxTo answer the question of, “How much is Botox?”, you have to first understand how Botox is typically priced.

Botox is usually priced in one of two ways.  The first, is for practitioners to charge for the amount of Botox they use during a treatment.  Botox is measured in a term called “units”.  “Units” when talking about Botox are similar to “inches” or “miles” when talking about distance.  They are the unit of measurement for Botox.  The cost per unit will vary depending on the injector and the part of the country (or world).  In Los Angeles, the cost per unit can range from $8-15 / unit.  It can vary significantly depending on the metropolitan area.

The other way that Botox may be priced is by the area treated.  Botox is commonly used to reduce wrinkles in the frown, forehead, and crows feet.  Some injectors will, therefore, charge a set amount for the frown, another for forehead, and another for the crows feet no matter how many units it will take to treat them.

Charging by the area is certainly simpler, but it is limited.  Firstly, there are many other areas than the ones listed above that an advanced injector can treat with just a few extra units.  For example, the lips, chin, and lower eyelids can all be treated with just a few units each.  Charging for each of these small areas becomes cumbersome.  Also, not everyone wants the same level of treatment with Botox.  Some people want to be completely frozen, while others just want a softening of their lines.  Less Botox is used to simple soften the lines, so those people would have the option of paying less if they were charge per unit instead of per area.

Cost vs. Value

The real cost of Botox is much more than the price.  It is really what you get for the amount you pay, just like anything else.  Since there are potential risks of getting Botox ranging from minor problems such as bruising to more serious ones like some unscrupulous practitioners using fake product, many patients will choose a practitioner that they know and trust.

Similarly, some Botox injectors may have more experience, skill, and a better eye for aesthetics than others.  And, patients may be more willing to pay a certain amount more for these qualities.

The bottom line

Putting it all together, most people in the United States will end up paying somewhere between $200 – 800 per treatment depending on how much you treat and what part of the country you live in.  It is best to come up with a game plan with your provider before treatment, so you can come up with an exact number that will fit into your budget.

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