Lip Injection Options for Thin Lips

That perfect pink pout. Those supple, soft lips that just beg to be kissed. Nothing says sexy quite like a mouth with maximum volume. Unfortunately, few of us are blessed with buxom lips as big and beautiful as we would ideally imagine. However, many cosmetic practices today are capable of turning even the thinnest of smiles into picturesque plump pouts.

Lip injection treatments have been garnering a lot of attention recently as celebrities from the likes of Kylie Jenner to Jessica Simpson have given them praise. The growing popularity of these cosmetic practices have made them more effective, more affordable, and altogether safer, allowing individuals of every walk of life to take advantage of their benefits.

So, if you have lackluster lips and a less than plump pout, it’s likely that injections could work wonders for you. What are your options? Here are the most popular procedures to enhance thin lips.

Lip Fillers

The perfect place to start your search for a sexier smile is with lip fillers. As the simplest and most natural option, a filler that uses hyaluronic acid – a component already found naturally within the skin – provides plumpness, moisture, firmness, and shape to create more curvaceous lips. Hyaluronic acids bind with and attracts water already in the body and has even been shown to enhance collagen and elastin production.

These types of injections create the most natural look possible and are administered through direct injection within the surface of the skin.  They offer the least invasive of all options. There is typically no down time and the procedure can be done right in your doctor’s office. The results of lip fillers and injections like these typically last around a year. Some common forms of hyaluronic acid treatments include Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero.

Lip Implants

If you’re content with the results of hyaluronic acid fillers but are looking for a little bit more of an aesthetic impact and overall effect, the next consideration is that of lip implants. Designed to provide a more permanent solution, implants are surgically applied fillers that add volume and fullness.

The three most common forms of implants on the market today are GORE-TEX, SoftForm, and AlloDerm. While each one offers slightly different benefits, they all give those individuals that use the softer and plumper lips, typically with minimal down time and lasting results.

Fat Transfers

Another option to consider in achieving a plumped-up pucker is that of fat transfers. With this option, a cosmetic surgeon will graft fat from another area of the body and then apply it to the lips.  These transfers are safe, long-lasting, and natural as they utilize the relocation of cells from your own body.

Fat transfer options typically last longer than fillers but are also slightly more expensive. They aren’t as permanent as lip implants, however, affording a nice middle of the road option for those seeking slightly more dramatic effects than those of fillers.

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