Lip Injections: How to Achieve a Natural and Beautiful Result

Lips injected with fillerCertain celebrities are known for their extreme addiction to lip injections, but you’ll never know which ones have gotten the beautiful and natural-looking form of this enhancement because they simply look like the best version of themselves. And this is the tactic you should take if you want to avoid the duck-lip aesthetic that seems to plague certain segments of the SoCal population. But how can you achieve the natural look you prefer?

There are two main things you need to do: do your research and find a good doctor. Doing your research before you visit a doctor’s office will give you the opportunity to ask pertinent questions and determine if the doctor you choose has the expertise you’re seeking. This will ensure that you find a qualified and reputable practitioner to perform your procedure. However, there are several things you’ll need to consider before you go under the needle. And a good doctor should be able to advise you accordingly.

The things you’ll want to be informed about are the different types of injections you can receive, the pros and cons associated with each, the aesthetic that will serve you best at different ages, the look that will work best with your anatomy, and the professional background that will give you the best shot at enhancing your lips in the most natural way. In terms of injection materials, there are several different options to consider. The product you want to be most cautious about is silicon, which can result in a fake, overly plump look if not done well and is permanent. Most patients, opt for FDA approved materials specifically designed for your lips, such as Juvederm and Restylane those containing hyaluronic acid.

Any of these products – when used appropriately – should help you get the natural look you crave. And although lip injection materials are eventually absorbed by the body, calling for recurring treatments every so often, the good news is that they aren’t harmful and if you decide you want a different look, you can achieve it at your next session – you’re not stuck with the same look forever. After all, you may decide as you get older that the fuller lips you enjoyed in your 20s don’t really suit you anymore.

Of course, the shape of your teeth and jaw should also play a role in the type and amount of lip injections you receive, and this is where an experienced doctor makes a real difference. A thorough understanding of the anatomy of the lips, teeth, and jaw is a pre-requisite for any professional doing lip injections.  But there is also a degree of artistry involved. Your best bet may be to see reference materials, including before and after pictures provided by the doctor. If you like the job your doctor has done on other patients, there’s a good chance you’ll get the beautiful and natural results you’re seeking.

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