Liposuction for Men

Liposuction is consistently one of the most popular procedures in Los Angeles. Men account for about 25% of liposuction patients, and there are some differences between men and women that change the surgeon’s approach to liposuction.

Men store fat in different areas than women
Most men have fat collections on their abdomen, flanks, chest, or neck; whereas, women can have trouble spots on their abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, and neck. Also, many men store much of their abdominal fat under their stomach muscles as opposed to overlying them as women often do. This fat is called visceral fat, and it is not possible to perform abdominal liposuction on this kind of fat.

Men often have more fibrous fat

Fat is held in place by a fibrous network of collagen, and this network is often more difficult to get through with liposuction instruments in men. This means it takes more time and effort to remove fat in men.

Men are often heavier than women

Weight matters when liposuction is done using local anesthesia since the amount of local anesthesia that can be used is weight based. More anesthetic can be used in heavier patients in local anesthesia liposuction.

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Meet the Doctor

Lawrence Osman, MD

Lawrence Osman, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist and liposuction surgeon in Los Angeles specializing in minimally invasive techniques such as liposuction using local anesthesia. He has offices in the Los Angeles area in both Northridge and Calabasas. Visit to learn more.

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