New Liposuction Alternatives Zeltiq, Liposonix, UltraShape

The field of non-invasive body contouring is about to boom! Several new devices are in varous stages of development that show promise for reducing unwanted fat.

One device, called Zeltiq, uses a technique called cryolipolysis that chills fat to the point where the cells die. Results, so far, are promising. One study found that Zeltiq reduced the volume of fat in the area treated by an average of 22.4%. Other studies also support it’s effectiveness. Zeltiq is currently seeking FDA clearance for fat reduction.

Two other devices use ultrasound waves to contour the body. Liposonix focuses beams of high intensity ultrasound on the fat to blast it away. In one study, the average circumference reduction after treatment of the abdomen and waist was 4 – 5 cm. That’s about 1.5 – 2 inches. A second device, called UltraShape, uses less intense ultrasound beams to poke holes in fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Prior studies with this device showed a 2 to 4 cm reduction in the circumference of the waist, but results of the latest study using the newest version of this device have not yet been released. Neither of these two devices is approved by the FDA yet.

Our Los Angeles Liposuction Center is committed to offering the most effective and least invasive techniques for contouring the body and losing fat. We will monitor the development of these devices closely. Until then, liposuction using only local anesthesia offers predictable, safe results with minimal downtime, and Zerona or Thermage can enhance the results or offer non-invasive alternatives.

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Lawrence Osman, MD

Lawrence Osman, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist and liposuction surgeon in Los Angeles specializing in minimally invasive techniques such as liposuction using local anesthesia. He has offices in the Los Angeles area in both Northridge and Calabasas. Visit to learn more.

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