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Board-certified Dermatologist and Liposuction Surgeon: Northridge and Calabasas

That perfect pink pout. Those supple, soft lips that just beg to be kissed. Nothing says sexy quite like a mouth with maximum volume. Unfortunately, few of us are blessed with buxom lips as big and beautiful as we would ideally imagine. However, many cosmetic practices today are capable of turning even the thinnest of [...]

In a perfect world all of us would prefer to stay forever young. While we don’t mind the occasional smile lines proving that we have lived a life full of positive memories, the absence of gravity’s undeniable pull and stubborn fat cells would be a welcomed gesture. Luckily, thanks to medical technology and a well-informed [...]

As much as we can’t wait for summer, the fact that we will have to be in a swimsuit always seems to catch us off-guard. It is never too early to start prepping for swimsuit season, and with these tips you could ready to show off your bikini-ready body at any time! Sit and Stand [...]

Debunking Botox Myths

We have all witnessed the Botox horror stories. A celebrity looks like he is made of plastic. A woman is unable to show emotion or move her mouth. “Botox Gone Bad” screams across headlines. Fortunately for you, these are mostly fairytales. Botox has made leaps and bounds in just the last few years and is [...]

The idea itself is brilliant: Doctors insert a sort of vacuum that literally sucks the fat from your body. However, while it is still an option for those wishing to get rid of stubborn fat in target areas, it is not a solution for dramatic weight loss. The removal of fat cells does not equal [...]

There are plenty of ways to remove body hair in order to get the smooth, fuzz-free skin that fashionable society demands. But ongoing tasks like shaving, waxing, and using depilatory creams can be pricey and time-consuming. And the results only last for a limited amount of time. Laser hair removal may cost more up front, but [...]

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, the fountain of youth does not exist. But thankfully there are many creams and moisturizers out there that can help slow down the process of aging and keep your skin looking refreshed and young. But with so many of these facial anti-aging creams on the market all claiming to be miracles [...]

A recent breakthrough in fat reducing technology, CoolSculpting is an exciting procedure that allows patients to get rid of fat in targeted areas. When people are frustrated by the lack of sculpting or toning their hard work is reflecting, CoolSculpting can be a way to achieve those results without going under the knife. However, while [...]

Pilar Cyst Removal

A problem that I see frequently in my dermatology office is a cyst on the scalp.  These are called pilar cysts, and they can be removed easily in the office under local anesthesia. Pilar Cyst A pilar cyst appears as a movable nodule under the skin and is often found on the scalp.  However, they can [...]

Medical technology is an absolute brilliant thing. The advances we have made in the last ten years are lightyears ahead of where we were, and it’s only going to become more fascinating from here on out. Recently, cosmetic rejuvenation has been making leaps and bounds in the industry. With the desire to stay young echoing [...]

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