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Pilar Cyst Removal

A problem that I see frequently in my dermatology office is a cyst on the scalp.  These are called pilar cysts, and they can be removed easily in the office under local anesthesia.

Pilar Cyst

A pilar cyst appears as a movable nodule under the skin and is often found on the scalp.  However, they can appear in other locations.  They are derived from hair follicles and are encapsulated in a sac.  The sac must be removed; otherwise, they will recur.

Removing Pilar Cysts

Patients often dislike pilar cysts either for cosmetic reasons or because they are uncomfortable.  They can be removed as a simple outpatient procedure.  In the video, the area is cleaned and numbed.  A small incision is made over the surface of the cyst, and the contents including the sac are removed.  A small, dissolving stitch is used to close the wound.  The whole procedure took less than 5 minutes.

Pilar Cysts Dangerous?

Pilar cysts are not dangerous.  However, they can be uncomfortable especially if they rupture and become inflamed.  Most pilar cysts grow to be a certain size and stay there.  Some can become quite large.  The tendency to get them can run in families.


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