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Rejuvenation of the Chest

Most people initially focus their rejuvenation efforts on their face, but the chest should not be overlooked.  It, too, is an area that can show signs of aging. Fortunately, there are many techniques to make it look younger and better.Chest wrinkles can be improved with Sculptra.  Sculptra is a product that stimulates collagen production when injected into the skin.  The new collagen adds volume and smooths away wrinkles.  I have found that most people get nice improvement after 3 – 4 treatments each spaced about one month apart.  Botox can also be injected into the chest to improve wrinkles in some people whose wrinkles are primarily caused by superficial muscle movement. Chemical peels improve signs aging on the chest, too.  They work best when the level of aging is mild or as part of a maintenance program.  A series of peels are required, and I usually recommend repeating them monthly.  Downtime with light peels is minimal, but can be up to one week with more aggressive ones.

Laser and IPL photofacial treatments are excellent for improving red and brown discoloration.  Most people need three treatments, and I recommend spacing them 3 – 4 weeks apart.  A major advantage of these treatments is that there is no downtime.  In addition to improving discoloration, laser and IPL treatments also stimulate collagen.

Active FX is a unique type of laser that can improve many signs of aging on the chest.  It uses a technology called ablative fractional resurfacing.  I have found this single laser to tighten skin, decrease discoloration, and make skin softer and smoother.  A single treatment provides very good overall improvement.In conclusion, there are many different treatments that can improve the appearance of aging skin on the chest.  The right treatment depends on the primary underlying problem (wrinkles, discoloration) and the amount of downtime one is willing to have.  Often times, I combine treatments for even better results.
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