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Skin tightening procedures vs. fillers

If you have ever wondered which would be the better choice, a skin tightening procedure like Ulthera, Thermage, or a facelift, or fillers like Juvederm and Voluma, you may be surprised to learn that the best approach is to use both.

Our modern understanding of aging has taught us that loose skin is not the main thing that makes us look older.  It turns out that we lose volume with age, and this loss of volume plays a major role in giving us an aged appearance.  Therefore, the best way to rejuvenate is to both restore lost volume and tighten excess skin.

Modern techniques allow us to restore volume to the temples, cheeks, and even the forehead using a variety of fillers.   However, it may not be possible to completely restore the volume that we lose with age.  Also, our skin does lose some of its elasticity and becomes looser as we age.

To tighten the skin, there are several options.  In the old days, a facelift was the only choice.  The problem with a facelift is that it is an invasive procedure with a certain degree of risk and downtime.  Moreover, a facelift alone can give the skin a windswept look.

Nowadays, there are many non-surgical treatments for skin tightening.  For those people who have a very large degree of loose skin, they may need to resort to a facelift.  However, for most people, a skin tightening device can give nice results without the downsides of a facelift.

So, if you have ever looked in the mirror and gently pulled your cheeks back using your index fingers to make your skin tighter, remember that it is both tightening and filling that gives the best results.

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