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Top Trends in Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Like any other industry in the world, cosmetic rejuvenation technology experiences its own version of trends. Some breakthrough procedures stay on the radar forever while others may have their moment and quickly die out. But as we continue to push forward, our patients often surprise us with what they are looking for in terms of results and treatment. So what can we expect to see in 2016?

Less is More

As people’s schedules become busier and busier, many people are looking for a quick fix that they can fit in during their lunch break. Therefore, more people are asking for the least invasive option available. Treatments that take a maximum of 20 minutes and allow the patient to return to work immediately are preferred.

Self Help

The fat grafting trend is incredibly successful and who doesn’t want fat removed from their inner thigh? Fat injections tend to have longer lasting results and also are a more natural fix than having an outside chemical placed in the skin. The research on stem cells has propelled fat transfer procedures and patients are onboard with it.


Thanks to social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, the selfie is more prominent than ever. People WANT to show off their face and they want to look good doing so. Not only are cosmetic rejuvenation clinics seeing more millennials than ever, but everyone wants their nose adjusted or eyelids lifted for a more youthful look (and to look better on Twitter).

Liquid Courage

As mentioned before, patients don’t have the time to be out for days or weeks to heal from a surgical rhinoplasty or facelift. But thanks to liquids fillers, patients can have their nose contoured or double-chin lifted in just 15 minutes.

It’s Raining Men

Facelifts, Botox and nose jobs are not just for women anymore. Again, thanks to social media, more men are finding themselves in front of a camera and may not like what they see. Being older in the workplace also no longer has its benefits; therefore, men are taking steps to maintain their youth in order to still appear bright-eyed and eager even if they have enough experience to be a bit worn down.

Cold as Ice

Blasting fat has never been so easy or painless! The rise of CoolSculpting, the act of literally freezing fat cells that are later disposed of by the body, is encouraging people to take care of target spots without surgery. Losing inches in weeks without severe bruising or recovery time is a quick alternative to invasive liposuction.

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