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Treating broken capillaries on face

Broken capillaries, or blood vessels, on the face can be unsightly and distressing.  They often appear around the nose or on the cheeks and chin.  Fortunately, we can treat them!

Broken capillaries are not actually broken.  They are simply blood vessels near the surface of the skin that have become dilated and stand out.  Blood vessels can become dilated for a number of reasons including chronic sun exposure, genetics, and rosacea.  Without treatment, they will persist and likely increase in number.

There are two basic ways to treat broken capillaries.  The first, and often best, way is to use lasers.  The Vbeam and Nd:YAG are two excellent lasers for zapping these pesky vessels away.  Both work by targeting the vessels with a beam of light.  The vessels absorb this let and are damaged as a result.  Both of these lasers are simple procedures performed in the office as an outpatient.  Both have a low chance of side effects when handled properly, and both are very effective.  I often use them both together to get the best results.

The other device that can be used to treat broken capillaries is by using an electrodessicator.  This a pencil-like device that uses electrical energy to destroy the vessels.  The problem with it is that the electrical energy is non-discriminate.  If too much is used, it will damage the surrounding skin and could potentially leave a scar.  In my experience, it is best for very small capillaries.

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