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Treating Under Eye Hollows: Which filler is best?

Under eye hollows develop along the lower border of the eyelid and appear in virtually everyone to some degree as they get older.

It was once thought that the best way to treat them was to cut out the fat of the lower eyelid.  That fat appears to bulge as we age creating a groove along the lower eyelid which we refer to as an under eye hollow.   We know now, that the “bulging fat” is not the main underlying problem.  It’s actually just the opposite…the loss of tissue in the lower eyelid and cheek area.  This loss of tissue reveals the underlying fat in the lower eyelid making it appear to bulge and accentuates the lack of tissue below it.  Thus, filling under eye hollows is the most appropriate treatment.

Which filler is best for under eye hollows?  My preference is for Restylane.  Juvederm and Radiesse can also be used, but in some patients I have treated with Juvederm, long lasting swelling develops that looks like the swelling seen with seasonal allergies.  I have never had this problem with Restylane.

Restylane often  lasts about a year in the under eye hollow.

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