Two Procedures That Can Reverse Aging

Today, I’m going to write about two procedures that can reverse the aging process. Much of what we do aims to reduce the signs of aging, but science has shown that these two procedures may actually reverse it.

The first is intense pulsed light (IPL) . IPL is a proven technology for treating brown and red spots on the skin, but, last month, a published study showed that IPL treatments may actually make genes younger. Exactly how IPL does is still being explored, but IPL treatments seem to trigger “young” genes to be active.

How much younger can regular IPL treatments make you look? A separate study published in February answered that question. This study took a look back at patients who got 1 – 2 IPL treatments per year for maintenance. What they found was AMAZING! While the average patient in this group aged 9 years, those patients who had regular IPL treatments only appeared to age 2 years!

The other procedure I will discuss is filler treatment. Filling with Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse are proven techniques for diminishing the signs of aging, but researches have found that fillers may actually slow the skin’s aging process. It turns out that fillers stimulate collagen producing cells called fibroblasts to begin producing more collagen, and the more collagen you replace, the better.

Given this information, I recommend that anyone interested in slowing the aging process consider having an IPL treatment every six months, and for those open to getting fillers, consider getting them earlier rather than later.

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