Voluma for filling hollow temples

Voluma is the newest filler to hit the market.  It is made by the makers of Juvederm and is FDA approved to fill the cheeks.  Its advantage over other fillers is its ability to lift the skin.  However, it can be used to fill other areas in addition to the cheeks such as the temples.

As we age, we lose volume in various areas throughout our face.  Two important areas are the cheeks and temples because the shape of our face changes with volume loss in these areas.  As we get older, our temples become hollow and our cheeks become flat.  Along with a decrease in the elasticity and quality of our skin, the change in the shape of our face as we age is the main reason we look older.

By filling hollow temples, we can restore a more youthful contour.  Other products can be used to fill the temples including Radiesse.

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