What Is the Difference between Lip Injection and Lip Augmentation?

Lip injections, fat transfers, lip augmentations, fillers. Plump, mouth-popping pouts are everywhere these days and so are the procedures that produce them. With all the different options out there, it can be nearly impossible to know which is which and subsequently which is right for you.

If you’re in the market for a mouth makeover and are considering the possible options to give your lips a fuller, softer, and more luscious look, it’s essential you understand the different choices available and what they involve.  This is the only way for you to choose the procedure or practice right for you.

In this brief article, we will help explain the difference between lip injections and lip augmentations, two commonly confused practices that both seek to add volume and shape to the lips.

Lip Injections

Often explored as the initial introduction into lip plumping procedures, lip injections are the quickest, easiest, safest, and least expensive option available. With this routine treatment, typically conducted within the comfort of your doctor’s office, a hyaluronic acid compound is directly inserted into the lips through a series of needle-administered injections.

The procedure is practically pain-free and usually takes less than an hour. It’s also incredibly safe and 100% natural, as hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally within the body, attracting and absorbing water to create volume. The results are immediate, there’s no down time, and the treatment lasts up to a year.

Lip Augmentations

The other common option explored in treating thin lips is that of lip augmentation. This is a more permanent option and one that requires more commitment and typically more investment both in terms of time and money.  Lip augmentation is – unlike lip injections and fillers – a surgery-based option that consists of applying grafted fat or implants directly onto the lips.

The results are permanent and the overall effect is usually more dramatic than the use of fillers. Despite the fact that it is the more invasive and more medically involved option, it is still completely safe with little risk and big results that last a lifetime.

Which is Best for You?

If you’re seriously considering a sexier smile, then lip injections and/or lip augmentation treatment is a great option for you, as both offer unique benefits depending on your individual need. In general, lip injections offer a more natural look in no time, with zero pain and zero side effects, but the effects typically last only a year. Lip augmentation is generally more expensive and produces a more dramatic look, but is permanent in the long run. Deciding which is best for you is something you and your doctor should discuss.

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