What It’s ACTUALLY Like to Get Lip Injections

Have you ever thought about lip injections? Chances are, if you’re currently dissatisfied with the size, shape, and volume of your mouth, you have – and you’re not alone. An increasing number of Americans and individuals worldwide are opting for lip injections to enhance their curve-free, thin and flat lips. Safer procedural practices, lower costs, better results, and practically zero pain and zero down time make the growing popularity of lip injections no surprise.

It’s one thing to merely dream and desire luscious lips like those of the Kardashian variety, but it’s quite another to actually undergo the process and fill one’s lips. What is it actually like? How does it feel? How long does it last? Above all, does it hurt?

All of these are appropriate considerations for anyone interested in these popular procedures. Here is a brief, basic introduction into the world of lip injections.

The Basic Procedure

Getting your lips injected typically involves the use of hyaluronic acid, a natural compound found within the skin that attracts and absorbs water. A medical professional, a certified specialist or plastic surgeon will use a needle to directly inject the solution beneath the surface of top, bottom, or both sections of the lip, as deemed appropriate during an initial consult.

An initial consultation will precede every application so that your doctor can tailor the treatment to your particular wants and needs. The actual procedure often begins with the application of a topical numbing agent, though some seasoned patients opt out of this pain-alleviating aid, as they believe it unnecessary. Once the numbing agent has taken effect, the doctor will stabilize the lip, insert the needle, and fill with the prepared hyaluronic acid.

As the liquid is successfully injected beneath the surface, the doctor will manipulate the gel to achieve a natural, smooth finish and eliminate any bumps or inconsistencies. Typical sessions usually involve anywhere from one to three full syringes of a hyaluronic filler applied in multiple injections. Once the procedure is complete, expect a little bit of redness and swelling. It’s recommended to ice the treated area for ten minutes or so post treatment.

The effects are visible immediately, but sometimes take a few days to settle. The entire process lasts usually under an hour and requires no down time.

But Does It Hurt?

The entire process of sticking a needle into one’s lips and physically injecting it with a filler may conjure up a frightening scene, but the reality is the opposite. The application of the numbing agent generally eliminates all pain sensation in the area, and those who have had the treatment often compare it to the feeling of biting one’s cheek or the slight pinch of an eyelash curler.

In short, it’s basically a pain-free procedure and any discomfort lasts less than a millisecond. More often than not, the only sensation associated with lip injections is a strange, pressure-like feeling as the gel is manipulated and dispersed beneath the skin.

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