What to Expect After Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo Laser LiposuctionYou’ve just undergone a Smart Lipo procedure. What now? There a few things that are important for you to remember about your immediate recovery that will help you stay focused, positive and on the path toward your ultimate health and fitness goals. Below is what you might expect after Smart Lipo.


Swelling after Smart Lipo is completely normal. While it may seem like you are getting the opposite effects that you desired at first, give your body ample time to heal itself after a mildly invasive procedure. Your body has suffered a small trauma and the more fat that was removed, the more swelling will occur.

The amount of swelling will also be determined by how aggressive the Smart Lipo was performed. If your doctor used only local anesthesia, then you will have minimized swelling and recovery time. While the face and neck may go down relatively quickly, larger areas like the stomach will be slower to shrink. Allow a timeline of 2-3 months for swelling to completely disappear.

Drainage and Garments

Patients can expect to experience some leaking or drainage from the insertion sites over the next few days while their body heals. There’s no need to be scared when this happens, it’s completely normal. In order to help control swelling, doctors may have their patients wear compression garments.  The length of time recommended to wear the garments varies by physician but ranges from a few days to a few weeks.  Our office recommends wearing them for only a few days.


Depending on how much fat is removed and how aggressive the entirety of the procedure was, patients can expect to be able to exercise as soon as the next day. While it may not be at an extremely high level right away, patients are encouraged to go for long walks and participate in mild physical activity to help their body recover.


Thanks to further advances in medical technology, Smart Lipo laser liposuction is performed using very small instruments called cannulas which require only the tiniest of incisions. Scars will be present where these incisions were made but they will appear very small and may even disappear completely over time.


The results from Smart Lipo are not immediate. After swelling has decreased, results can still take up to 6 months to fully resonate. It is also important to remember that Smart Lipo, while fat cells are destroyed, is not a cure-all for removing all of your unwanted fat.  With patience, a little TLC to yourself, and a focus on leading a healthy lifestyle, your results will appear in time.

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