Will Liposuction Now Be Harmful If I Am Planning On Becoming Pregnant Later?

Pregnancy is a very special time, and many people wonder if having liposuction now will have any negative effects on pregnancy in the future

Although this question has not been formally studied, as long as you have fully recovered from liposuction, there are no known negative effects on your ability to become pregnant or pregnancy itself.

If you are not planning on becoming pregnant right away, there is no need to postpone liposuction to remove unwanted pockets of fat. If looking great now would help you feel great now, then go for it!

At our liposuction Los Angeles office, we perform liposuction using local anesthesia only. This is called tumescent liposuction and is the least invasive form of liposuction.

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Meet the Doctor

Lawrence Osman, MD

Lawrence Osman, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist and liposuction surgeon in Los Angeles specializing in minimally invasive techniques such as liposuction using local anesthesia. He has offices in the Los Angeles area in both Northridge and Calabasas. Visit www.drosman.com to learn more.

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