Cellulite treatment with Thermage is a new FDA-approved technique for smoothing cellulite in a single procedure with long-lasting results. Other techniques require multiple treatments to achieve improvement and ongoing treatments for maintenance. Cellulite treatment with Thermage is the first to provide lasting improvement with just one treatment.

Thermage Cellulite Before and After

Cellulite treatment with Thermage works by restoring collagen connective tissue, improving elasticity, and improving circulation and metabolism in cellulite prone tissues to reduce fluid and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Each treatment is performed in the office, and there are no cuts, injections, or downtime.

All Thermage procedures use a unique radiofrequency technology, which is similar to laser technology, to heat collagen in a controlled fashion, and are backed by years of research. The technology for treating cellulite was developed after 21 months of study.

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