Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is the most effective way to improve fine wrinkles, scars, and skin texture. In traditional laser resurfacing the entire layer of the skin is vaporized. In fractional resurfacing, thousands of tiny laser pulses beam the skin stimulating new collagen formation and tightening.

Fractional resurfacing allows for a quicker recovery while still getting good results. We use the Lumenis Total FX laser for resurfacing.

Fractional resurfacing wrinkles before


Fractional resurfacing wrinkles after

After two treatments

Why is Total FX the best choice for fractional resurfacing?

Total FX LaserTotal FX is a carbon dioxide laser. Carbon dioxide lasers have the power to get results. Total FX uses two different laser sizes to treat multiple levels of the skin. One is very small and goes deep into the skin. The other is broader and treats higher levels.

Most importantly, Total FX generates a unique, very rapid burst of energy. This minimizes collateral damage leading to less pain, a faster recovery, and lower risk.

What is fractional resurfacing treatment like?

Prior to treatment, a topical anesthetic solution is applied. Once the skin is numb, the laser resurfacing treatment takes about 30 minutes. After treatment, the skin looks like a bad sunburn. A few days later, it begins to peel moderately. Recovery usually takes about 7 days.

The whole face, neck, hands, or just the skin around the eyes or mouth can be treated.

What can Total FX do?

  • Treats wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and sun damage
  • Evens tone and texture
  • Improves pore size
  • Tightens skin

Why is Total FX a good choice for treating wrinkles?

Fractional resurfacing is a great choice for treating wrinkles of the cheeks and neck where there are limited other options. Fractional resurfacing complements Botox and fillers for treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Why is Total FX a good choice for treating depressed acne scars?

Depressed (or indented) acne scars are one of the most difficult conditions to treat. Total FX finds the balance between delivering results while minimizing risk and downtime.


Total FX Fractional Laser Resurfacing Treatment

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