Restylane Kysse

Restylane Kysse is FDA approved to add volume to the lips and treat upper lip lines, also called perioral rhytides. Its unique composition allows it to improve both the structure and volume of the lips.

Why Restylane Kysse?

Kysse, a hyaluronic acid filler, is formulated using XpresHAn technology which allows for excellent tissue integration that results in a natural looking appearance during facial movement.

XpresHAn technology is a unique way of cross-linking hyaluronic acid, so it stretches and moves with facial expression but returns back to its original shape after movement.

Other Restylane fillers that use this technology are Refyne and Defyne.

The Proof

In clinical trials, Restylane Kysse proved it was able to enhance the appearance of lips with results lasting up to one year. When compared to Juvederm Volbella, both products achieved great results, but a lower amount of Kysse was needed.

How Long do Results Last?

In the study comparing Restylane Kysse to Juvederm Volbella, about 71% of participants had improvement at 12 months. A realistic treatment strategy is for a patient to get one or more syringes initially to achieve desired results, followed by a syringe to maintain every 9 – 12 months.


Serious risks are similar to all other injectable hyaluronic acid gels. These include infection, reactivation of cold sores, or, in rare circumstances, occlusion of a blood vessel. More common occurrences are bruises and temporary discomfort.

Kysse’s excellent tissue integration and ability to move with expression may reduce the chance of an unnatural appearance. However, care and skill are still needed for best results.

Restylane Kysse is Reversible

Like all hyaluronic acid gels, the results of Kysse can be reversed. This is reassuring to those who are concerned about what they will look like after treatment. It is also comforting from a safety standpoint.

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