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Thermage is a non-invasive laser-like device that tightens the skin of the face and body. A single Thermage treatment stimulates the contraction of existing collagen and spurs the producton of new, heatlhy collagen.


Improvement is visible immediately and continues for months afterward. Results can last for years depending on your skin condition and your natural aging process.

Thermge non-surgical eyelid lift before
Thermge non-surgical eyelid lift after
Thermage non-surgical face tightening before
Thermage non-surgical face tightening after
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Often, only a single treatment is needed, but one or two additional treatments may be desired a few months later. Best of all, there is no downtime, and Thermage can be used safely on all skin types.

Thermage is used on the face and body to tighten the jowls, neck, eyelids, forehead, abdomen, knees, arms, and anywhere else skin needs firming.

Thermage works by using special technology to heat the collagen network in the skin. At a certain temperature, collagen immediately contracts and new collagen starts to form. Immediately afterward, the treated skin may appear a little red for a few hours, but you can return to normal activities right away.

There are no special preparation or follow-up instructions for the Thermage procedure, and it has an excellent safety record.

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