Vbeam laser

The Vbeam laser was designed specifically to treat red discoloration. It is the gold standard technology for treating anything that is red, but it can also treat brown discoloration, too.

The Vbeam treats a wide variety of conditions including broken capillaries, generalized redness, rosacea, red acne marks, Poikiloderma of Civatte, angiomas, and sun spots.

Dilated capillaries on cheekDilated capillaries around nosePoikiloderma of CivatteScars on hand
Dilated capillariesDilated capillariesPoikilodermaScars

How the Vbeam works

When the Vbeam is pulsed at the skin, its laser energy gets absorbed by the intended red or brown target in the skin. The absorbed energy heats the target triggering a response that helps it go away. The Vbeam uses a cooling spray to protect the top layers of skin from getting too hot.

Vbeam illustration

One of the nicest aspects of the Vbeam is that it does not damage the skin, so there is no healing involved. More than one treatment may be needed for maximal improvement, and each treatment is usually spaced 3 – 4 weeks apart.

What is treatment with the Vbeam like?

A Vbeam treatment is typically fairly easy. To start, the area to be treated is washed if there is any make-up, lotion, or sunscreen on it. Once the area is cleaned, we pulse it with the Vbeam laser. The treatment only takes a few minutes.

Immediately afterward, the skin can be a little red, but that usually fades away in a few minutes to hours. Make-up can be applied immediately afterward.

Oftentimes, we combine the Vbeam with the IPL and other lasers to maximize results.

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