Voluma is the newest filler to hit the market, and it is unique in that it is the only one that is FDA approved to fill cheeks. Voluma is made from a familiar substance, hyaluronic acid, just like Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero. Unlike those fillers, though, Voluma uses a unique manufacturing process to give its hyaluronic acid more ability to lift the skin. Having good lift makes Voluma the ideal product for filling the cheeks.


Voluma Before and After Voluma Before and After

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Prior to approval, Voluma was studied extensively in clinical trials. During the trials, patients were treated until they achieved maximal correction of their cheek volume loss, and they were followed for two years. Some of the most notable conclusions from the clinical trials were:

    • Voluma lasts at least 2 years in some patients. 50% of patients did not require a touch up for 2 years after their initial correction meaning that Voluma lasted for the entire 2 years of the study.
    • Patients that did require a touch-up did not need as much Voluma to maintain their result.
    • 1/3 of patients had significant improvement of their nasolabial folds even though they were not treated.
    • Immediately after correction, the average patient felt they looked 5 years younger. At the end of the trial 2 years later, they looked 3 years younger.

Why fill the cheeks?

As we get older, our face changes with age in various ways. One of the most significant findings is that our face loses volume with age. Volume loss is most obvious in two areas, the cheeks and temples. Although this may not be the most obvious sign of aging to someone as they look at themselves, it is a very important finding and correcting volume loss can make a huge difference in how young the face looks. Filling the cheeks restores the triangle of youth.

Voluma represents a significant advance forward in treating the cheeks and temples as it is the first product specifically approved to replace volume lost with age in the cheeks. The number of syringes needed to correct this loss will depend on multiple factors including the degree of volume loss and the individual characteristics of the patient.

Voluma can be used in combination with other fillers, and it can be used if you have already have other fillers in your cheeks.

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